DASH CAM: Cop Screams As Thug Runs Him Over, Backup Delivers INSTANT Justice – WATCH

Being a cop is one of the most extremely dangerous and unpredictable jobs. One moment you’re writing a ticket and the next you’re pinned between thousands of pounds of metal and plastic, hoping you survive to live another day on the job.

Let this video be a reminder of why we need to respect our police officers, stop breaking the law, and start calling out criminals when we see them.

Enjoy a moment of harrowing old gold, as an officer finds himself pinned between two vehicles as a man tries to escape a routine traffic stop. You’ll see what gruesome event takes place, then stick around for the commentary.

Shane Cataline was shot dead that day. He’s the man who tried to escape a routine traffic stop, pinned a cop between two vehicles (cop survived), and found himself shot by another police officer on the scene.

Cataline’s family tried suing and saying that the sober man who was pulled over was “scared” and trying to get out of there – not kill anyone. However, the shooting was found appropriately justified because the judge stated the man used his vehicle in a way which could cause harm. Considering it’s on the highway, that means anyone driving by was also in danger – not just the police or the guy driving.

I believe in this situation that the driver should be respectful and answer all questions. If he’s done nothing wrong, then he’s fine. If he’s done nothing wrong, but gets a ticket anyway, then go to court and win your trial.

Anyone driving away from a routine traffic stop is either a criminal or must have a really good reason. However, why would be BACK UP that hard? It seems like he backs up AGAIN, and that’s when the cop was hit. If the driver pulled back, then pulled up and out of the spot, then he could’ve driven off without hitting anyone.

When the driver pins the officer to a car, then I believe that’s when the other officer hops on the hood and fires some shots into the driver.

His life is gone because he didn’t want to hang tight during a routine traffic stop. He could’ve killed a lot of people on Illinois I-88 that day.

Instead, look what happened when he had no respect for the law.

Is that what we need to show our children to get them to understand and stop being so stupid?

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