Cop Stops Driver to Take Picture of Best Anti-Obama Sticker EVER

It’s needless to say that the Obama Presidency has been a colossal failure.

We have practically the same number of full time workers today as we did when he took office – and when you look at the labor force as a percentage of the population, it’s declined by a historic amount. The unemployment rate is virtually unchanged from when he took office (if we account for people that have left the labor force since he took office). The poverty rate has increased, and food stamp usage is at an all time high too.

Some recovery, huh? The trillion dollar stimulus gave us nothing, except a whole lot of debt.

Then there’s health care. While Obama promised that he’d save every family of four an average of $2,500 a year on premiums, most have seen increases in that ballpark – and that doesn’t take into account how much deductibles have increased as well.

When look at foreign policy, where his pulling out of American forces in the Middle East has fueled the rise of ISIS. Not only that, he’s sent a number of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay home – only for them to return to the battlefield.

Then comes race relations. If you thought that race relations would heal under the nation’s first black President, you were just as naive as me. With the politics of division that Obama preaches being what the nation is exposed too, we’ve only seen race relations die during his Presidency. According to at least one poll, race relations are now at the lowest point since they’ve been since the LA race riots in the 1990s.

Via Conservative Tribune

There are bad reasons to be pulled over by a cop, and there are … okay, there are pretty much only bad reasons to be pulled over by a cop.

Or so I thought, until I saw this.

Apparently, the unidentified driver of this white Chevy pickup was pulled over so that the officer could get a picture of the sticker on his rear window.

Obama sticker

I imagine this driver was left off with a warning…. and maybe a PBA card to boot.

I remember that right as Obama took office, a popular bumper sticker circulated showing a picture of George W. Bush with the caption “miss me yet?” I’m 100% sure that we won’t see the equivalent when Barack Obama leaves office.

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