Copenhagen shootings: Muslims pay tribute outside jihad shooter’s apartment


Loathsome, despicable and typical.
As is the the headline that scrubs the lede, the truth, of the story. This continued media bias is lethal. The savages who left flowers and tributes at the shrine of the jihad murderer were never identified, but the Telegraph reports that it was “Muslim youth” who removed the flowers, because Muslims don’t commemorate their honored dead with flowers.


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How long before #JeSuisOmar starts popping up on social media?

Emulating the actions of the hundreds of people who left flowers outside a café and a synagogue two men were shot dead at the weekend, those who regard Omar el-Hussein as a “good guy”, not a terrorist, created a third shrine.

The heap of flowers outside the drab four-storey block of flats where he lived in the mainly immigrant district of Mjølnerparken was smaller than the other two, but no less poignant in the eyes of those who grew up with el-Hussein.

“We’ve put flowers here because we must remember him,” said a young Arab man, who gave his name as Mohamed. “He was a good guy. We don’t believe he did anything wrong. It wasn’t like the police say.” A placard placed with the flowers read: “May Allah be merciful, rest in peace” in both Arabic and Danish.

However, a group of Muslim youths concerned that the tributes would create a misleading impression that the suspected gunman had the support of his community, removed the flowers and the sign after a few hours.

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, the Copenhagen shooter

El-Hussein, 22, a Dane of Palestinian descent, was released from prison only two weeks before the shootings. It was while serving a two-year sentence for stabbing a man in the leg and buttock that he is believed to have been radicalised.

Despite his criminal record, another of his friends, an Arab man who gave his name as Benny, maintained that el-Hussein could not have carried out the shootings, which police suspect were inspired by the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris last month.

“He wasn’t someone who could kill people. He stabbed a guy, OK, but it was only in the leg,” Benny said. “When we fight, we stab, but always in the leg, not to kill. I’ve stabbed ten or eleven people. I know he didn’t have the money to buy an automatic gun. Here it costs 50,000 kroner (nearly £5,000).”

During the conversation with a handful of young Arab [Muslim] men on the corner, who included one with a black scarf covering his face, an older bearded man approached, and took Mohamed aside. A few minutes later, he stopped answering questions and left, as did the others.

Flowers are placed in front of the Krudttonden cultural centre in Copenhagen (Reuters)

Another young man walking past said: “It was Isil [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant]. They wanted to do something here like in Paris.” He did not stop or identify himself.

A statement by the radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir stopped short of condoning the attacks but blamed western attempts “to force the secularisation of Muslims” and the killings of “thousands and thousands of Muslims” by western forces in the Middle East for creating “anger and hatred”.

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