Cops Acting STRANGE Over Las Vegas Incident, Here’s What They REFUSE To Say


From Mad World: By now you’ve probably heard about the incident in Las Vegas, where a woman drove through a crowd of people along the Strip and killed someone, but details have been slim surrounding the case. However, there’s one thing in particular the police are acting strange about, and it’s raising eyebrows across the country.

So far, we know that the woman responsible for killing one and injuring another 35 is 24-year-old Lakeisha Holloway, who was allegedly homeless in the city after moving from Oregon, as Mad World News previously reported. Las Vegas police have said that the incident appears to have been “intentional,” but Holloway hinted that fatigue might have played a role in what happened, even though numerous eyewitness accounts claim she actually sped up after the initial impacts.

After hitting numerous pedestrians, Holloway drove to a hotel about a mile away, then she told the valet what happened and that he needed to call police. She was taken into custody without incident and has apparently been cooperative with police, but there’s still a question that remains.

Even though we know that Holloway apparently intended to either kill or maim as many people as possible, police are being reluctant to discuss one thing – her motive. In fact, when asked about it, the sheriff said that he is “not comfortable” discussing why Holloway chose to do what she did, which is leaving the door open to much speculation.


There’s one report out right now from a source that’s questionable at best, which states that an eyewitness heard Holloway shout “Allahu Akbar” as she drove through the crowd. It comes from a man who claims to be former Air Force, and he said that his friend was hit by Holloway’s car. However, this is the only report of its kind, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else to back it up.

Aside from the obvious terrorism speculation, some also believe that her attack was racially motivated, with most people pointing towards the #BlackLivesMatter terror group.



Anyways, you get the idea. It’s undoubtedly troubling that police refuse to say what her motive was, and I have to side with those saying that it’s likely because she’s tied to either a terror group or a “social justice” group such as BLM, since withholding such information seems to be par for the course whenever a politically inconvenient motive is the cause for such a tragedy.

I have to say, we’re in alarming times when factual information is kept from the public because authorities don’t think we can handle it. We saw it happen in San Bernardino as the FBI refused to label it a terror attack, and now we’re seeing it in Las Vegas, likely because it was racially motivated. Meanwhile, we knew Dylan Roof’s entire life story before the evening news when he walked into a church and killed nine black people. Double standard much? I’d say.

[H/T: Twitchy]

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