Cops At Anti-Sharia March Have Awesome Surprise Waiting For Liberals Who Sided With Islamic Terrorists

The left has been doing their best to sell that Islam is a religion of peace to the American people. Even after the numerous terror attacks around the world these leftist idiots still claim that this is just the actions of a few bad apples. While the rest of know that this is a blatant lie, there are those in America that have bought into the Islamic sham. So, those that have bought into this insanity are now advocating for Sharia Law to be implemented in America. Well, this past weekend, there was Anti-Sharia Law protests popping up across the country. Of course, leftist nitwits decided to attend and show support for these Islamic terrorists. However, these Islamic supporters received one hell of a surprise from the police they won’t soon forget.

During the Obama administration, there was a new brand of “tolerance” that swept over America. Barack Obama pushed for the citizens of our country to accept violent Muslim practices as the new normal. However, we were not about to let this happen and are pushing back against this sick religion.

For example, conservatives gathered together this past weekend to protest genital mutilation, honor killings and other practices associated with Sharia law, as part of the nationwide “March Against Sharia.”

Leftist idiots pushing for Sharia Law.

Ok, this is where the insanity really begins to show folks.

We as conservatives are standing up against a barbaric religion that mutilates young women, advocates for the murder of homosexuals, and oppresses women. However, we are the ones that are crazy.

As we are aware ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other leftists groups have been physically attacking conservatives at rallies. This time though they were given a karmic lesson they soon won’t forget.

During a Seattle protest on Saturday, when leftists attempted to break through the conservative side they were promptly smacked down. But, what pissed off these crybaby leftists is that the police allowed it to happen.

Check out the whining from the liberal rag BiPartian Report:

An individual from the aforementioned Seattle counter-protest who served as a marshal says that Seattle police allowed far-right demonstrators to physically harass members of the counter-protest with no repercussions.

The marshal, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says that the marshals’ jobs were “to facilitate the counter protests march to and from City Hall Plaza and help work to de-escalate situations and keep participants safe throughout the duration.” The individual adds that the marshals for the counter-protest, who were people from the “Greater Seattle General Defense Committee” along with other local organizations, met with representatives of the Seattle PD before the day’s events got underway.

Still, this counter-protest marshal alleges, when members of the Alt-right hit members of the counter-protest in the face after being prevented from mingling with the protest, police simply ignored it.

This marshal alleges that after she “immediately went to them” and identified herself as a marshal for the counter-protest and asked for the police’s assistance, she was “met with a response” that she characterizes as “If you aren’t letting them march through your crowd, then we can’t stop them from hitting you.”

Oh, but that is not all that happened. There are reports that Seattle police used pepper spray on these leftist trolls from trying to start more fights. But, somehow to these liberal bridge trolls conservatives are the ones that are evil and intolerant.

Give me a break already.

While that was happening in Seattle there were similar incidents in other parts of the country. In North Carolina, police were seen pushing back leftists mobs as they inched closer to the Anti-Sharia marchers.

I am not sure how this is so hard for people to understand.

There have been vicious attacks perpetrated by radical Muslims and we are trying to protect our country. These people do not want to assimilate to western culture so they don’t belong here.

Our country was founded on the principals of freedom and liberty. Sharia Law does not follow those principals at all. Their system of government is oppressive and does not mesh with our constitution. If they so badly want to live that way they have the whole middle east to practice their barbaric religion in.

This latest scuffle shows exactly how much the left hates America and what we were founded on. It is going to take a long time to turn this tide back, but I am glad to see so many patriots standing their ground and pushing back against those that want to harm our country.


H/T [ Bipartisan Report ]

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