Cops Eye Charges Against Pistol-Packing Homeowner


ATLANTA Via WND — From a homeowner’s perspective, it was a clear case of self-defense, but police are saying they’re not so sure. Not yet, anyway.

According to the owner of a home on Diann Drive in south Fulton County, just outside of Atlanta, the doorbell rang at about 11:45 a.m., followed by a knock on the door. Then another knock, then another.

The knocks came closer together and with more urgency.

In a neighborhood with tall trees and middle-class homes, the sound of pounding on the door gave way to kicks, and then the sound of gunfire. Lots of gunfire.

When nobody answered the incessant knocks from the unknown woman, her male accomplice came to the door and started trying to kick it down, the homeowner told police.

The homeowner grabbed his 9mm pistol and approached the window of the door from the side. He told police that when the suspects saw him, they fired shots at him, so he opened the door and fired back, causing them to run toward their car.

The homeowner, whom police are not identifying, exchanged 30 to 40 shots with his alleged attackers, according to reports Tuesday from neighbors who said they heard the gunfire.

The homeowner called 9-1-1 and reported his house was being broken into and believed he had shot one of the two suspects, a man, according to 11Alive TV in Atlanta.

The homeowner said the two suspects tried to drive away, but they wrecked their car against a retaining wall and bushes. They jumped out of the car and ran.

Police found the man lying in the woods with “multiple” gunshot wounds, according to 11Alive. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Police say the woman’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Police have not charged the homeowner, but the case is still open and could turn in any direction at this point, a detective for the Fulton County Police told WND Friday.

“We’ve not called it a home invasion. We believe it was possibly going to be just a burglary. We don’t know in what direction it’s going at this point. We had one at the hospital unable to be interviewed, and one we can’t find. And one who was interviewed, and gave us one side,” said Detective Melissa Parker, of the Fulton County Police Department.

Bloggers for gun owners were not waiting for the police to weigh in. From what they’ve read, they are convinced the man acted in self-defense.

“This story is a perfect example of why magazine capacity matters,” said Dan Cannon on his blog, “Sure, most of the defensive gun uses we report on this site are over and done with just a few rounds (or no rounds fired at all). However, there are situations where you might find yourself in a battle for your life, and every round in that magazine will count.

“A homeowner in Georgia reportedly exchanged 30-40 shots with a home invader.”

Fulton County police would not say if the homeowner would face any charges. But his neighbors all said they knew him and believe he did act to protect himself. Several of the homes in the neighborhood have been burglarized in recent months, they told Fox 5 News Atlanta, and residents are arming themselves.

One neighbor, Lenward Reeves, who says his family’s home has been burglarized, too, told 11Alive the homeowner did what he had to do.

“I’m glad he’s OK. One has to be careful and protect yourself. That’s something you have to do these days. Seems like folks don’t care about nothing but themselves and what they can take from you. You just have to be prepared for it,” he said. “I prefer a shotgun, myself. Pistols are fine, but I own a shotgun, I’m an old country boy from Roberta, Georgia. And I love my shotgun.”

Cannon said the South Fulton incident marks the 78th defensive gun use his site has documented in the state of Georgia and the 1,402nd defensive gun use he’s documented nationwide since he started his website.

Jerry Henry, executive director of, said the shooting on Diann Drive in Fulton County took place just eight miles from his home.

“I am very happy to see the results of this home invasion and hope if the invasions continue the results get repeated time and time again,” Henry told WND.

“If all citizens were willing to take the responsibility of protecting themselves and their families instead of relying on the false belief that the police will protect them, fewer of these incidents would be happening,” he said. “Not even criminals with lesser intelligence would think about going into a home whose owner is armed and prepared to protect themselves.”


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