HOLY CRAP! Look What This Texas Cop Just Found In Muslim Couple’s Car But Had To Let Them Go!

As people came and went from a Corpus Christi, Texas movie theater, a terrifying discovery was right outside in a car that a Muslim couple inside the cinema had parked there. It wasn’t until someone got a closer look that they called the cops, but the pair wasn’t arrested. Now, look where they are after being let go for a sickening reason.

Moviegoers at the Starplex Cinema were horrified Saturday night knowing what had been outside all while they were inside the theater enjoying their shows without a clue as to the danger in the parking lot. Cops confirmed their fears and validated that it was a concern, and even spoke to the Muslim couple when they returned to their ride. However, that was the extent of the recourse for what was clearly a big crime, since officers determined that “culture played an unexpected factor,” KUTV reports.

The 29-year-old man and his 17-year-old wife, both from Saudi Arabia, didn’t want to be bothered with taking their 8-month-old infant into the movie. Rather than getting a babysitter for the child like most responsible parents, they just locked the infant in the car since that’s apparently culturally acceptable for them — or so they told the cops.

If any other person had locked their baby in the car for a couple of hours, they would have been arrested. Political correctness and the claim that this is their culture prevented that from happening, and now this young Islamic family are free to do as they please in Texas and know that they can get away with it by using their beliefs as a reason for it. To make matters worse, this 17-year-old mother also has a 4-year-old child, another product of the culture to impregnate a girl as young as 13.

Nothing validates a Muslim’s belief that they are above the law more than letting them off the hook on the excuse that their crime isn’t a crime in their culture. As this couple is free in Texas now, their children aren’t safe and other Muslims are also getting the message that they too can do what they want and nobody will hold them accountable for it. If you’re going to live in America and enjoy our way of life, you must be forced to also abide by our laws.

h/t: [GatewayPundit]


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