Picture Of Cops Protecting Charlotte Goes Viral INSTANTLY For A Powerful Reason

Racial tensions have ignited once again, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. It happened after the death of an African American man at the hands of a police officer. Chaos has erupted and the national guard was called in. A viral photo of police officers kneeling in prayer before being sent out to protect the rioters and protesters has splashed through the Internet.

Look here on Twitter to see them,

These police officers were praying to God on their knees before heading out to protect the very people that hate and despite them, that call them racist. Now that is true dedication and loyalty. The photo was posted by the North Carolina Troopers Association. In just 24 hours it was shared more than 100,000 times. Showing the world that we do love our police officers.

The Facebook status of the Trooper Association read the following,

“North Carolina State Troopers having a word of fellowship and prayer before being deployed on the streets of Charlotte. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they work to protect us and help the city rebuild.”

Members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association were seen praying with the citizens of Charlotte who were concerned about the safety of the city for the police officers. That too was posted onto social media via Twitter by Billy Graham. 11 Alives News even caught footage of someone praying by themselves while others were throwing garbage and miscellaneous items at the police.

These protests unfortunately began before all the information was in. Thus, making it difficult for them to understand all the facts. As such the situation is spiraling further and further out of control. Especially after the release of the video of the African American man in police custody who was killed.

Prayer is a powerful tool. Good on those troopers for using it during this difficult time. Especially when communities come together in prayer it can be immensely moving and powerful. As Christ himself said, when their is more than one gathered in my name I am there.

Let’s hope and pray he watches over these gallant and chivalrous police officers as they deal with this treacherous and arduous time in American history.

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