Cops Try to Stop People From Dumping Trash Cans on Brooklyn Bridge — Their Response Leaves One Officer With Broken Nose (VIDEO)


As New York City police attempted to stop a group of people from hurling trash cans onto unsuspected pedestrians during Saturday night protests on the Brooklyn Bridge, they got a nasty surprise, as the Associated Press reported: an entire crowd resisting arrest.

The officers try to chase down their attackers, by are repeatedly separated and buried by the crowd.

“We do not take attacks on police officers lightly,” vowed Police Commissioner William Bratton in a Monday press briefing, in which the NYPD said they were seeking the public’s assistance to identify and locate six of the individuals who participated in the attacks but who managed to escape arrest under cover of the helpful crowd.

Only one protester was arrested from the incident, 29-year-old Erik Linkser, and even he initially got away.

Linkser is pleading not guilty to charges of assaulting police and resisting arrest, the Associated Press reported.

Two plainclothes police lieutenants were treated for injuries, with one having a broken nose.

Courtesy of The Blaze

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