CORRUPT: Judge Rules to Keep Hillary Emails Hidden From Voters Until AFTER Election Day

Want more evidence that the establishment is doing everything they can to guarantee a Hillary Presidency? We already know from the hacked DNC emails that the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders so that Hillary would be the nominee – and now the rest of the establishment is doing everything they can to protect her from her own scandals.

Contrary to what Bernie Sanders stated in the first Democrat debate, the American public isn’t “tired of hearing about [Hillary’s] damn emails.” Quite the contrary – Hillary’s email controversy has solidified her image in the eyes of the public as someone whose either careless, clueless, or untrustworthy.

Despite any problems that Trump may have with his image, remember, he doesn’t need to be likable. He needs to be more likable than Hillary Clinton. Is there anyone who can’t manage that?

As we all know, over 30,000 of Hillary’s emails were deleted ahead of the FBI investigation into her private email server. She had used BleachBit to delete those emails, a software that, in the words of Trey Gowdy, ensures that even God can’t read those emails now.

There are still thousands of other unreleased emails, though I imagine they’re not as juicy as her others, hence them not being deleted. Regardless, as Steven Crowder reported, a Federal judge is still working to shield the eyes of the American public from their contents.

A federal judge ruled that a trove of Hillary Clinton’s emails can be released to the public after Election Day.

That means the majority of messages recovered during an FBI investigation into Clinton’s classified email scandal won’t see the light of day until well after Americans pick a new president, raising the possibility that an ‘October surprise’ might pop up in December or January.

‘This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,’ Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton [said], blaming the Obama administration for slow-walking the release.

It seems like there’s no shortage of people doing everything they can to keep these emails hidden. It leads me to believe that there must be something in there that would at least damage her even a small amount in the polls.

It’s suspicious for anyone paying attention. Maybe Trump will blow the lid off this and press her about it during tonight’s debate.

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