CORRUPT: Judge Rules to Keep Hillary Emails Hidden From Voters Until AFTER Election Day

Hillary Clinton’s email server controversy just does not seem to die. That is for a very good reason. Because it should not. Also because hackers like Guccifer 2.0 and Juliaj Assange will not let it die. Now a federal court judge has ordered that some of Hillary Clinton’s emails can not be released until after Election Day. Meaning whatever criminal or unethical behavior she has partaken in can not influence the election. Now that is corruption!

Which means that Julian Assange’s October surprise may very well come in November or December after the American people have already decided whom they want to be President. Which also means that whatever terrible stuff is in those emails we can not use to judge the candidates before we vote.

President of the Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said,

“This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with.”

So many people are going to many lengths to keep Hillary Clinton’s emails a secret. Because they all know she has everything to lose from the criminal and unethical stuff in those emails. Those emails do not make Hillary Clinton look good, point blank. That is why they do not want them out.

The most recent leak of emails showed that Hillary Clinton told Wall Street bankers in closed door paid speeches that she has public and private policy positions. She tried spin in it by blaming Abraham Lincoln of all people. Saying that he had certain poisons with his friends and different ones when trying to work with Congress to achieve what he wanted. Sorry Hillary, you were caught in a bold faced lie and blaming it on a dead man will not work.

So if this is what is already known from some of her emails and speeches God only knows what else is in the others. But considering the ferver and controversy over these last batch of emails and speeches the next ones will no doubt have something if not many things in them that the American people deserve to know about.

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