Country Band Tells Police They Aren’t Welcome At Concert… Fans Pissed and Police Respond Epically!

The country band Florida Georgia Line banned police officers from coming backstage at their Iowa concert. They wanted to discuss security issues and the crew backstage informed them that they were not allowed back there. In fact, the police were told that if any of them came backstage, they would cancel their concert. You know, take their toys and go home. That’s what these morons should do and don’t let the venue door hit them in the ass on the way out.

Then they had the nerve to request a police escort on the way out of town. The Sheriff told them to get stuffed. They asked several other law enforcement agencies as well and all of them told them they were on their own. Good for them. That’s exactly what should have happened here.

From LEO Affairs:

Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver was headed backstage Saturday night at the Great Jones County Fair to discuss security protocol with Florida Georgia Line when members of the crew stopped him and said that at the band’s request, no uniformed police officers were allowed backstage.

The Iowa sheriff was also told that the band would withdraw from the show entirely if they saw police backstage, according to TMZ.

Ironically, about halfway through the show, the band requested a police escort out of town after the concert to which Sheriff Graver responded he wouldn’t spend “one tax dollar assisting them.”

According to TMZ the band reached out to several other law enforcement agencies but they all denied the request.

This band pulled the same Black Lives Matter bullcrap in Wisconsin just a week ago. The blowback on social media was epic and heavy. They were forced to issue a statement via Twitter. In the Tweet, Florida Georgia Line said, “we want you to know that we have nothing but love and respect for the police. We are bummed anyone ever got a different impression.” Gee, your actions say otherwise guys and your fans are ticked over it. Does the name Dixie Chicks mean anything to y’all?

The band is not commenting to anyone on this now. And even if they come out in support of police after this, do you think they would really believe them? I wouldn’t. These guys evidently don’t know who their audience is and they have rocks for brains. I don’t blame the police for shunning them one little bit.

About the time they get rushed on stage or mobbed somewhere, they’ll be wishing they hadn’t messed over police officers. And it will serve them right. #BlueLivesMatter.




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