Country Left In HORROR After Muslims Slaughter 44 Police Officers


Forty-four police officers were slaughtered at the hands of Muslims extremists, after an attempt to capture Islamic leader Zulkifli bin Hir, a terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted list, went horribly wrong.

This Country Left In HORROR After Muslims Slaughter 44 Of Their Police Officers

Sunday morning, 392 police officers from the elite Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) in the Southern Philippines were on a mission to catch the senior leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which is the largest Islamic group in that country. The raid, which was meant to simply capture the Islamic leader, then triggered a series of firefights between the police forces and Islamic rebels, resulting in the largest loss of life of Philippine police officers in recent history.

This Country Left In HORROR After Muslims Slaughter 44 Of Their Police Officers

Despite the peace treaty which was signed between the Muslim rebels and the Philippine government just a year ago, the rebel forces fired on the government officials, leading those in the government to fear that the four decades of violence between the two groups would soon resume.

Interior Secretary for the Phillippines, Secretary Mar Roxas, said that the incident was a “misencounter” between police and the rebels, since the Moro Islamic Liberation Front had not been informed of the impeding raid, which had been formed in order to capture Zulkifli bin Hir.

“We are hopeful and confident that this will not derail the peace talks,” Roxas said during a briefing Monday on the incident. “As we have explained, this was not directed at M.I. This was directed against a very, very specific high-profile terrorist bomber who was in the area.”

Roxas went on to say that the Islamic leader had been a high-value target for a while, due to the fact he was an expert in bombing techniques and taught others how to create the weapons.

Based on photographs taken of the bodies following the raid, police officials believe that Zulkifli was killed during the operation. DNA samples were taken in order to verify that it was in fact Zulkifli’s body.

Good luck with your peace talks with Muslim extremists! If that works out for you, be sure and give Obama a call and perhaps he can improve on his diplomatic relations with the Islamic community. Because the occasional threatening message being sent via tweet to jihadists from the shade of his golf cart is doing nothing to stop the emboldening of Muslim jihadists worldwide!

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