Coward Al Sharpton Backs Out Of Racism Debate

Al Sharpton, Michael Miller, Timothy Dolan

MSNBC host and civil rights agitator Al Sharpton was supposed to be taking part in a debate on racism in America hosted by the Oxford Union in London this Friday. After accepting the invitation, however, Sharpton stunned those involved by notifying organizers last minute that instead of debating along with other panelists, he will deliver prepared remarks.

The plan, Breitbart News explains, was for Sharpton to defend his position on the “institutionally racist” America along with Black Panther leader Aaron Dixon and liberal blogger Mychal Denzel Smith. On the other side of the traditional Oxford-style debate would be David Webb (a SiriusXM host, Breitbart News, and Fox News contributor), conservative commentator Joe R. Hicks, and BBC radio host Charlie Wolf.  But Sharpton changed the terms last minute, requesting an opportunity to speak to open the event, but saying he would no longer take part in the debate proper.

Webb suggested that he wasn’t surprised by “shakedown artist and racial coward” Sharpton’s demands:

“He wants to control the event, because he won’t debate the facts and the real issues including how his own conduct impacts race relations in the U.S.,” stated Webb. “He doesn’t want to be exposed for what he really is – a shakedown artist and racial coward. After years of conning people into giving him money by fanning the flames of racism, he’s just too afraid to have a civil, fact-based conversation about the issues of race in America.”

While Oxford is allowing Sharpton to speak for 20 minutes, he will be required to answer some questions from the audience and other debaters, something on which Webb insisted.

“It would be wrong to allow Sharpton to get away with just his usual thin, inflammatory rhetoric when this is supposed to be a substantive discussion,” said Webb.

As Breitbart notes, 2014 was a “rough year” for the seemingly ubiquitous Sharpton:

Sharpton had a rough year in 2014, with criticism coming from all sides. Most recently, Sharpton’s comments following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases came under fire for creating a racially charged environment in New York and elsewhere that has pundits and citizens have alleged led to more violence against police across America. The New York Times investigated the long-rumored issue of tax evasion, claiming that Sharpton owes more than $4 million in back taxes. And, while Sharpton railed against law enforcement, The Smoking Gun reported that he was a paid FBI snitch in the 1980s.

The debate will be air on David Webb’s SiriusXM Patriot radio show Monday, January 26 at 9PM Eastern time.

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