Obama admin VA overshadows D-Day with LGBT propaganda


The Department of Veteran Affairs, headquartered in D.C., sent out an email to all VA employees earlier this month on D-Day. The purpose was to recognize our fallen WW2 veterans. It only took a few hours later for the VA Central Office in D.C. to overshadow our WW2 veterans by sending another email to celebrate and recognize LGBT month. This covert operation of the liberal progressive agenda could have waited until after D-Day. This was very inappropriate.

In a turn of events, now it’s the LGBT who were overshadowed at the White House this week. Obama promoted crack cocaine as being socially acceptable in front of a live audience. When is Mtv going to air Obama’s new crack pie rap song? Probably after 16 and pregnant.

Goodbye traditional values. Hello no values. If Obama were a white caucasian, the label of white trash would be fitting.

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