CRACK THUG Lamar Irving Terrorizes Gas station Employees and Trashes Store for FUN! (VIDEO)


This is exactly what wrong with he black community! This thug is known as Lamar Irving, and you can find him on Facebook.

Apparently terrorizing his community is something he enjoys as well as using it to promote himself. After shooting this video on New Years eve, Lamar sent it to the website World Star Hip Hop where the black community glorifies this type of behavior, it gives them a stage to exhibit their lawless behavior in front of millions of people.

Lamar posted his video on facebook after terrorizing the community asking for people to share it so he could get 1 million shares.

These people are exactly whats wrong with America. They don’t work, they don’t know the meaning of having to work for something, and the Obama administration enables it.

When you can go out and threaten people and destroy what they have worked for, just for the hell of it, you should be locked up. This thug clearly was never apprehended,  but it’s our duty to make sure he faces the swift consequences of the law.

Lamar is no stranger to the law and wore an ankle tracking device recently.thus

Share this with law enforcement and media and lets really make him famous.


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