Crane Operator Catches His Wife Cheating. What He Does Next? PRICELESS

Here is a story to cheer up your day. Whenever someone does something vicious to you, you want revenge. It is simply human nature. Even if you know revenge is not the right thing to do. But every once in a while you get that revenge and it is a plate best served cold.

A man who operates a crane for a living found out that his wife was cheating on him for a while with another man. So he decided to get the ultimate revenge. He chose to use the power of the crane to exact that sweet revenge.

The man who was sleeping with the crane operators wife owned a boat. The crane operator decided to use the boat as a wrecking ball to destroy the man’s mobile home and car. Now that is some Machiavellian plan right there. Perhaps every man in America who has been cheated on would like to live by the example of this crane operator.


Hopefully this man thinks twice before cheating with another woman or he will be dead. Considering the fact that he has not got anything else to lose. But if you are running around behind someone else’s back than perhaps you deserve a little karma that is dished out.

God only knows what he did to his wife to exact revenge on her. Hopefully he did not wreck his own house.

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