Crazy CNN Panelist Blames TRUMP For Kidnapped, Tortured White Man — ‘That Is Not A Hate Crime’ [VIDEO]

We’ve covered the antics of Symone Sanders on Freedom Daily before, and they’ve never been good. She has a tendency to make extremely racist comments against white people.

Appearing on CNN back in November, after a guest brought up the story of a Trump supporter who was beat up by a mob in Chicago who recorded the incident and can be heard shouting “don’t vote Trump” before stealing his car, Sanders replied “Oh my goodness, poor white people! Stop.”

On another occasion, when it came to a discussion on who should head the Democrat National Committe, she declared that we “don’t need white people” leading the Democrat Party.

And her latest? In response to news of a white man with special needs being kidnapped by four Black Lives Matter members who tortured him while shouting anti-white racial slurs and “f*** Donald Trump,” she’s just totally unsure whether or not it’s a hate crime!

As the Daily Caller reported:

During a panel discussion on CNN Wednesday night, Symone Sanders blamed an unlikely source for the kidnapping of a white, Chicago man who was mentally disabled.

For some reason, Sanders accused Donald Trump for forcing the four black assailants to torture their victim and record it, all while screaming, “fuck Donald Trump! Fuck white people!”

“I just want to remind folks that we cannot sit here and ignore that — at least for the last year on very public display — the worst parts of America have been brought from the fringe into the mainstream,” the former Bernie Sanders spox stated. “That affects people on both sides.”

“That is not a hate crime,” she blindly stated. “Hate crimes are because of a person’s racial ethnicity, their religion, their gender, a disability, it isn’t your political leanings, because someone doesn’t like you’re political leanings and they do something bad to you, that is not a hate crime.”

What an imbecile.

People like Sanders would like to define hate crimes in a way that only white people are capable of being racist. Ironically, those people who believe they’re incapable of being racist are the most racist people out there.

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