CRAZY HARRY: Starts Conspiracy Theory That Putin & Comey Colluded In Order To Ensure Trump Victory (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton and her cronies simply do not understand how to lose with grace. As evident in the fact that they are continuously pursuing this recount. Despite the fact that it costs taxpayers millions of dollars and several states recounts already prove that Trump won yet again. Now people like Podesta, Clinton and even Harry Reid are alleging that Vladimir Putin of Russia and James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation conspired to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton.

Despite the fact that Comey was a Democratic appointed Director who was endorsed by a plethora of other Democrat’s. However, Reid has conveniently forgotten that. Reid was recently questioned on CNN about what he believes was responsible for the email leaks and if Russia was involved.

Watch the video here,

Reid maintains that their were reports of Russia hacking the DNC all the way back to August. Insisting that back then Russia was leaking hacked information through Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. Which clearly means he believes that Russia and Wikileaks are colluding with one another.

The outgoing Senator said that he wrote Director Comey a letter about what was going on saying,

“I wrote in August. And the FBI Director did not have the decency, the courtesy, to even respond to my letter. So I got something form somebody on the government affairs department, somebody who probably doesn’t known his way down to the Capitol, sent me a letter saying, ‘we’re looking into it.’ They looked into nothing!”

Reid had the audacity to say that Comey was clearly a part of all of this. Insisting that he always thought that he was a Republican. Implicating somehow that Comey was colluding with Putin to make Donald Trump president because he was a Republican.

The hypocrisy and sanctimonious way he speaks is absolutely disgusting. Reid wishes Comey did more. Well most Americans wish Clinton did more to save those Americans who died in Benghazi. Now they are whining because they are lost despite the fact that Republicans did not whine about Chinese hacking in the last two presidential elections.

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