CREDIBILITY UP IN SMOKE: Girlfriend Who Filmed Shooting On Facebook Did This Days Earlier… WATCH!

Philandro Castile was shot dead this past week by police when he allegedly was reaching for his license. A new video, however, shows the credibility of his girlfriend’s former video has been called into question. His girlfriend’s initial video of the incident was caught via Facebook LIVE.

The first video, the one his girlfriend took, shows Castile hunched over in the passenger seat of the car which was driven by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. His shirt is soaked in blood and he is seen taking his last breaths. Their young daughter was sitting in the back seat.

In the video Reynolds says Castile hadn’t done anything wrong. The officers had asked for his license and he apparently told them he was legally registered to carry a firearm which he was carrying before reaching for his license and information. Then, Reynolds says the cop shot and hit Castile four times. The video shows the cop pointing a gun at Castile.

However, days prior Reynolds filmed herself and Castile smoking marijuana while she inappropriately exposed herself on the video in front of her daughter who is visibly upset. Their daughter proceeds to ask if they can see the fireworks. Reynolds wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July and ironically tells everyone to put their guns away.

Despite the fact Castile’s attempt to use his gun is what caused his death. He should have left his gun at home that day.

Castile gets in the drivers seat and drives away while Reynolds continues to expose herself on the Facebook LIVE video.

The most disturbing part of both videos is that a four year old little girl is in the back seat. Not only did she watch her mother and father use drugs and inappropriately touch themselves she witnessed her father’s death right in front of her eyes.

Conservative political commentator Dennis Michael Lynch rightfully shredded Obama over the current state of race relations in America.

Watch the awesome evisceration:


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