CREEPING SHARIA: NYC Muslim Cabby Refuses to Let Women Sit in Front


War on women? let’s talk about muslims and the war on women.

via DailyMail: A Muslim New York taxi driver was fined by a court after he refused to let a woman sit next to him in the front of his cab citing ‘religious reasons’.

Tamsir Drammeh told a family of four that they would all have to sit in the back of his taxi because his Islamic beliefs forbid a woman being allowed to occupy the front passenger seat alongside him.

But a city judge didn’t buy Tamsir Drammeh’s ‘Islam’ argument and slapped the driver with a $350 fine for discrimination.

‘There’s no such rule in Islam,’ said the manager at his garage to the New York Post. ‘There’s no such thing.’

A driver at the garage added, ‘Maybe if she was drunk and wearing a skirt hiked up to here,’ as he pointed to the tops of his thighs. ‘He wouldn’t have her in the front, but only if she is alone.’

The incident happened while Drammeh, 64, was at a taxi stand on Eighth Avenue near Penn Station.

The family of four walked up to his cab and he opened the trunk to allow the customers to put their bags in.

After the husband and children ages six and 11 got into the back seat, their mother went to open the front door, but Drammeh refused to unlock it.

When asked if there was a problem, the stubborn driver simply said her husband could sit up front, but not his wife, and that she would not be welcome.

The family were having none of it and promptly got out, snapping the number of his taxi on their phone and hailed a different cab.

After filing a complaint of sex discrimination, Drammeh ending up losing the case twice – once in a regular city hearing and then for a second time on appeal.

Drammeh went as far as to accuse the woman of being belligerent and cursing him. He then claimed he went onto change his mind and allowed her to ride alongside.

The hearing’s judge, Laura Fieber, told the cabby he needs to keep his religion to himself when serving the public.

‘That his religion did not allow him to sit next to a woman is not an acceptable defense in an occupation that is operated to serve the public,’ she wrote.

‘Of significance, respondent made it clear that the husband would be welcome in the front seat, while the wife/complainant would not be.’

Drammeh, who was fined in September, was suspended from his job for a day, however he is still driving around the city picking up fares.

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