CRIME BREAKING: White Cop Shot By Black Man – What Happens Next Is Even Worse


The tragic event of last Thursday gripped the nation in mourning for the five police officers who were gunned down and killed by a Black Lives Matter activist. Then, just days later, another white cop was shot by a black gunman. What took place after this, is terrifying.

Officer Mike Flamion was shot three times in the back as he was making a simple routine traffic stop. He had just pulled over 31-yr old Antonio Taylor for driving over the speed limit. As he was walking away to process the paperwork he was shot.

Antonio Taylor shot Officer Mike Flamion three times during a routine traffic stop
Antonio Taylor shot Officer Mike Flamion three times during a routine traffic stop

After what was considered just a brief conversation with Taylor, Officer Flamion turned around. It was at this moment that the suspect opened fire, sending 3 bullets toward Flamion. One had struck him in the neck.

There was absolutely no chance at all for Flamion to react in defense and he was rendered completely helpless.

The person Officer Flamion had stopped, Antonio Taylor, happened to be on probation when the moron decided to shoot. Ironically, on probation for a weapons violation. In his past, he has also stolen a vehicle and served time in California on a gun charge.
All evidence suggested that this was in fact another hate crime, fueled by the energy of Black Lives Matter, however despite this finding, the police chief has refused to speculate as to whether this attack was in fact racially motivated or not.
What kind of asshat would choose, knowing he is on probation, to shoot a cop. Not once, but three times? Why would such an idiot be consciously putting himself in a situation where he could find himself right back in the slammer. First with the speeding, then with the shooting?
Someone who is either absolutely void of any intelligence at all, or the alternative…. someone who is motivated by anti-cop sentiments and inclined to think he can get away with it, because well… criminals have become the victims in Obama’s America. So why not?

This is madness. Madness that needs to stop. Not soon, but now. Why is the President of the United States tolerating such behavior? Why is Black Lives Matter allowed to spread such hatred and anti-police energy like a plague across this land? We need to do more than just back the blue at this point. We need to take our country back, and that includes the White House. What happens in November is going to be crucial to the safety and future of many Americans. Obama has been king on the division of America. Hillary will be the final blow, and the end of America as we know it.

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