CRIME VIDEO: Man Found THIS At A Veterans Cemetery…OUTRAGE!

A sign of the times: treatment of Veterans has gotten so bad in Obama’s America that they can’t even receive proper treatment after the grave.

Just the other day, Rhode Island’s Director of Veterans Affairs Kasim Yarn reported being “speechless” following seeing a photos of American flags in a pile by the trash at Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Rhode Island.

The man who took the photos and shared them online (which went viral) said: “Those people fought this this country. They shed blood, sweat and tears, for every piece of fabric in that slag. My father fought under that banner, and to see them like that is an absolute disgrace and it broke my heart.”

That’s government at work folks.

Kasim Yarn said that this was a one time problem due to procedures not being followed that has been fixed. New procedures have been added, which apparently will be obeyed this time.


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