CROOKED HILLARY’S Entire “Inner Circle” Now Under FBI Investigation! TRUMP WAS RIGHT!

There are currently five different Federal Bureau of Investigation investigations that are centered on several people within Hillary Clinton’s inner circle. All of whom are close to the Clinton family. They are part of the inner circle known as Clintonworld.

The five people from Clintonsworld being investigated are Anthony Weiner. He is Huma Abedin’s estranged husband whose been mired in a sexting scandal with a 15 year old adolescent. As well, Huma Abedin is being investigated too. Abedin is a top Clinton aide who is like a second daughter to Clinton.

She is being investigated for possible ties to Clinton’s pay to play scam and email server controversy. Abedin could also be in trouble for perjuring herself during a federal investigation when she reportedly did not turn over all election devices she used during her time working for Clinton.

The third culprit is Governor Terry McAuliffe who is the current Governor of Virginia and has two investigations into him. He was a board of directors member in 2004 for the Clinton Foundation. It has been found that 120 donors donated to both the Clinton’s and McAuliffe which approximate $13.4 million.

Coincidently McAuliffe’s PAC also gave around $500,000 to the Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe who is the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe not so coincidently oversaw the investigation into Clinton’s email controversy.

Another suspect in a separate investigation is Cheryl Mills who got an immunity deal when speaking with the Department of Justice. She is a lawyer and specifically advised the former President Clinton while he was being impeached and advised Hillary during her emails scandal.

Other people of interest include Phillipe Reins who served as Press Secretary during Clinton’s stint as a Senator. He worked on IT issues at the State Department and on the 2008 presidential campaign. He is being investigated for his emails too.

White House deputy chief of staff John Podesta has made front page news for his emails that were dumped by Julian Assange. He headed the Clinton Foundation in 2001 and serves as Hillary’s campaign chairman. The FBI probe is definitely investigating him. His brother, Tony Podesta is being investigated too for his Russian connection. His probe focuses on undeclared lobbying for a foreign government, sounds rather ominous.

Doug Band, a former body man for Bill Clinton and Clinton chief aide who reportedly helped them get rich with their pay to play scheme. Justin Copper was a staff assistant at the Oval Office. He worked as Band’s right hand man. He is also the one that registered the Clinton email private server domain name.

The long list of accomplices never ends.

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