Crooked Soros Just Busted Smuggling In SICKENING Shipment On Massive Ships And Its BAD!

Authorities in Italy are now calling out for monitoring of the funding that took place in support of a NGO fleet bussing migrants into the EU from the North African coast. Soros is at the head of the investigation as their first suspect they are looking into as funding the entire operation. This was acknowledged after a report released showing that the members of the fleet are acting as accomplices to human smugglers and were directly contributing to the risk of death that migrants do face when they attempt to make it across into the EU.

The report also suggests that member of the NGOs that sponsor the ships that are part of this fleet are now even acting as veritable accomplices to these human smugglers, all due to their service that provides a reliable shuttle service for migrants travelling from North America to Italy. It lowers the smugglers’ costs substantially and just about eliminates the need for them to procure seaworthy vessels that are capable of making the voyage across the Mediterranean to the European coastline.

Now they want to know who is funding this whole dark plot. So the chief prosecutor of Catania is calling for monitoring of the funding behind the NGO groups engaged in operating the migrant fleet. He is claiming that “the facilitation of illegal immigration is a punishable offense regardless of the intention”

Or course it is not considered a crime to enter the waters of a foreign country and pick up the migrants, however the NGOs are suppose to then land them at the nearest port of call. If they had done that it would have been somewhere near the North African coast instead of in Italy. The Chief prosecutor also noted that Italy itself is going to investigate Islamic radicalization that is occurring in prisons and even camps where these immigrants are being hired and paid under the table.

The migrant problem has turned into a widespread plague of illegal immigrants coming out of North Africa and making their way to Italy. There is not as stated by the mayor of Vatican City a war brewing between migrants and the poor Italians who were already just barely surviving, and now have to fight the access flow of migrants into their cities making it even more difficult to take care of themselves.

This new wave of migrants has also caused numerous issues in southern Italy, where the Sicilian Cosa Nostra has literally declared war on migrants and are fighting back. Even the Italian mafia has gotten in o the fight with North Africa crime gangs who have entered the EU among migrant populations.

It’s utter chaos, and destruction.

Is this what we have to look forward to if liberal agenda gets it’s way?

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