BREAKING: Look What Just Happened to Crooked Soros Today – This Is The BEST News EVER!

If there was one person that was the pure embodiment of evil in this world it would be George Soros. Yes, I know Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton do run a close second, but Soros is the supreme puppet master. We have all been begging for President Trump to investigate Overlord Soros, and it looks like it may come to fruition.

A group of senators has is asking for the newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate George Soros. This is fantastic news, considering all the damage he has done in the past. For instance, all the protesters that are tearing up cities and towns are paid by George Soros.

In a letter sent to Tillerson U.S. Senators, claim foreign diplomats outlined political meddling by Obama’s State Department such as using of taxpayer funds to support leftist causes led by Soros in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America, and Africa. The letter was authored by Republican Senator Mike Lee (Utah), Jim Inhofe (Okla.), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Ted Cruz (Texas), David Perdue (Ga.), and Bill Cassidy (La.).

Here is the full letter.


“Over the past few months, elected officials and political leaders of foreign nations have been coming to me with disappointing news and reports of U.S. activity in their respective countries,” Lee said in a statement. “This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the U.S. government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles.”

Lee continued,  “This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable and endangers our bilateral relationships.”

This is HUGE and if it is investigated properly could take Obama and all of them down. Obama used money that was Soros to meddle in foreign elections and these countries want answers. That is why the left is so scared of Trump and want to take him down because all of their dirty secrets are about to be revealed.

H/T [ Washington Free Beacon ]

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