Crowd Boos When Miss Hawaii Asked If She’ll Vote Trump Or Hillary

The Miss USA contest took place this past weekend and the pageant has created some stir. Especially over Miss Hawaii, who was asked by feminist, pro-Hillary judge Laura Brown if she would vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Miss USA judge, Laura Brown, Executive Director of the ultra-liberal Harper’s Bazaar magazine, asked Miss Hawaii (Chelsea Hardin) the loaded question.

She was asked which candidate she would vote for if the election were held tomorrow and why she would she choose one over the other. Her response…

“All I have to say is does it matter what gender someone is? All we need in the United States is someone who represents… who… those of us who don’t feel we have a voice, those of us who want our voices heard, we need a President to push for what is right and push for what America really needs.”

In the middle of her answer she seems to stutter a bit. She very artfully was able to punt the question without giving a direct answer to which candidate she would vote for. As a writer for the Young Conservatives noted, no matter what she had answered, if she had given a name she would have likely alienated a large majority of the audience.

However, she received much support via social media despite the boos in the background. What the audience was booing is unknown. Sam Beemer tweeted, “Miss Hawaii’s question was completely uncalled for, but she answered it with class. #MissUSA.”

Absofcourse tweeted, “EXCUSE ME, SHAME ON MISS USA FOR THAT QUESTION. Miss Hawaii is such a poised young woman and handled that flawlessly. #MissUSA.”

Brandie Piper responded, “When you vote for president, your ballot is secret. Completely inappropriate #MissUSA question, but #MissHawaii answered gracefully.”

Brittany Wise said, “Miss Hawaii killed the question round! Good job avoiding that super inappropriate question! Very disappointed they even asked that!”

Miss Hawaii has been hailed for her grace, class and dignity in response to the question.

We all know Miss Hawaii’s voting for Trump.

The leftist, feminazi, scumbag, pro-Hillary judge, Laura Brown, was out to fix the pageant… and possibly the election, because, you know, the “woman card.” The hell with that pos.

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