Look What The Crowd Chants At Crooked Hillary When She Walks Into The Inauguration!

Most people were surprised to find that Hillary and Bill Clinton showed up to the inauguration. She has largely been underground ever since her presidential election loss. Only appearing for a speech to wealthy political elites and for a walk in the woods with a staunch supporter of hers. The response of some in the crowd at the inauguration is completely unsurprising as most were Donald Trump supporters.

People in the background in various groups can be heard chanting, “lock her up.” They were assembled on the west front of the U.S. Capitol. This is where the inauguration festivities were being held. She was introduced to the inaugural ceremony after walking in with her husband.


She tweeted out a response on her social media saying she was attending the inauguration in order to support democracy. Many were arguing it showed her having grace and class under pressure. While others remained unimpressed by the criminal who got away scot free for all of her crimes. Not least of which was getting four Americans in Benghazi, Libya killed back in 2012.

The best part of seeing her today during all of the festivities is knowing we will never have to suffer through an election of hers again or deal with her as president. She will shortly but surely fade away into nonexistence. Hopefully forever. That is when justice will really be served to all of the American people.

Memes of her infamous white pantsuit went viral over the internet as well as her facial expressions when standing side by side with her husband – Perfectly describing with pictures what a joke everyone thinks she really is.

Donald Trump is ten times the leader that Hillary Clinton could ever hope to be and the American people realized this when they elected him into office finally.

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