Crybaby Liberals Have Teacher Arrested For Saying ‘Penis’ During Policy Debate Meeting (WATCH)


We’re now so politically correct that we can no longer call a spade a spade. Or in this bizarre case, we apparently can’t call a penis a penis. Part of me thinks a certain classic scene from Kindergarten Cop would be blasted as “transphobic” today…

The latest bit in the insanity surrounding the debate over the transgender bathroom debacle? You have to read it to believe it. EAG News reports:

A Brevard County School Board candidate was hauled out of Tuesday night’s school board meeting after he allegedly used inappropriate language in discussing a proposed transgender policy and refused to leave.

School board candidate and teacher Dean Paterakis, 48, was arrested by Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies after he refused repeated requests to leave a school board meeting Tuesday. The incident, which was recorded on video and posted online by Florida Today, stemmed from Paterakis’ allegedly inappropriate comments regarding a local teacher

Cpl. Dave Jacobs, spokesman for the sheriff’s department, issued a statement about the incident that contends Paterakis was given several opportunities to leave the board meeting but opted instead to raise a ruckus.

“Paterakis … refused several lawful orders to leave the premises by uniformed deputies,” Jacobs wrote. “In further effort to intentionally refuse the orders, Paterakis protested by dropping to the ground and continued verbally disrupting the function of the school board meeting.”

Paterakis was hauled to Brevard County Jail where he was charged with two misdemeanors – disrupting a school function and resisting an officer – and later released on a $750 bond, according to The Blaze.

Great job liberals – continue proving to the world how “tolerant” you are by being fascistically intolerant in support of it.