Cuban’s Celebrate The Death Of Communist Dictator Castro By Dancing And Waving Trump Flags

Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator, has finally died. And the response has been widely varied.

Cuban-Americans, many of whom fled their native country in desperation, have been celebrating. But the media, out of touch with reality as usual, has been mourning Castro as a beloved revolutionary who somehow improved Cuba… by turning it into an oppressive dictator state where people are routinely jailed, tortured, and killed for speaking against the government, where the internet is heavily controlled, and there is no freedom of press or assembly.

But the media won’t mention any of that, of course.

But just because the media won’t tell the truth about Cuba, that doesn’t mean that no one else will. Cuban-Americans have bravely spoken out about the human rights abuses that frequently take place there, as well as the reality of living under Castro’s dictatorial regime. And now that he is finally dead, they have a lot to be happy about.

People who suffered under Castro know full well that he was no benevolent ruler. His death hopefully will mean Cuba is one step closer to freedom.

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