Excerpted from TheBlazeRyan Arakaki admits that he cut in front of a woman while on the road earlier this week, but what he filmed after had him going to the cops to file a report the next day.

Arakaki took video of an intense bout of road rage, all of which was witnessed by a young boy in the passenger’s seat.

The footage starts with a silver Honda blaring its horn at a black truck in front of it and driving across the center line into oncoming traffic.

The woman driving the minivan eventually pulled next to the truck, rolled down the passenger-side window where the boy sat and yelled at Arakaki.

Image source: YouTube

“Let me get your license plates asshole,” she screamed during the incident, which happened Wednesday in Honolulu.

She then sped ahead of him, but that’s not where it ended.

“Why don’t you get out of your car you f***ing fat ass. Bite me,” the woman yelled out her window while at a stop sign, holding up her middle finger at Arakaki.

The woman then got out of her car and confronted Arakaki face-to-face.

“When you cut me off, I almost f***ing wrecked you asshole. Film that!” she said, at one point appearing to reach into Arakaki’s car. Continue Reading


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