Pissed Off Dad Just Went Ballistic On School Board After What Kids Were Forced To Do For Islamic Lesson

Parents are sick and tired of public school indoctrinating our children with their liberal agenda. For the last several years we have witnessed liberals trade in our children’s education for political correctness. Each and every year we have seen these liberal educators push for more extremes.

At first, it seemed innocuous and harmless, but now it is out of control. They have successfully removed school prayer, God, and even morals from public schools. The textbooks began to morph into revisionist history and the kids were taught that what they felt was more important than facts.

Now, these so-called liberal educators have been pushing for Islam to be taught in public schools. Of course, parents are furious over this blatant indoctrination and rightfully so. It absolutely makes no sense that schools are saying that children cannot say the Lord’s prayer, but are being taught, Islam.

Thankfully, parents are waking up to this insidious curriculum and are beginning to fight back. For example, last year parents in the Walton County school district in Georgia, were outraged when they discovered their kids were being taught, Islam. Instead of these parents rolling over and allowing it to happen they decided to push back.

Here is more from Jews News:

Hundreds of parents plan to address the Walton County Board of Education at its next meeting Oct. 10 to raise several issues with social studies lessons for middle schoolers that they believe are biased toward Islam and overstep parental authority, News 95.5 reports.

“I believe my children are my responsibility and I believe I need to be the one teaching them what we believe instead of the school,” parent Bill Green told the news site.

Green is among more than 1,500 members of a local Facebook group working to draw attention to lessons on Islam in Walton County schools. Local parent Ryan Breece launched the page in an attempt to force school officials to alert parents to upcoming lessons on religion or other sensitive topics to give them an opportunity to opt their children out of assignments they don’t agree with.

These parents are exactly right, but more needs to be done. In order, to stop this madness that is taking over our country, we need to be even more vocal. Christopher Wyrick is a father and a patriot who lives in San Diego, California had enough of what was being taught to his child in school. Wyrick decided that he was not going to keep quiet anymore, and took a HUGE stand.

Wyrick stood in front of the San Diego Unified School District board and said exactly what we all feel.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Christopher Wyrick: “I’m a resident of San Diego. I’m a taxpayer, a father and a husband and a VERY proud American. Over the years I’ve had many titles, one of them I will not accept is Infidel!

There’s been an argument over the years to keep religious beliefs out of school especially any that happen to be associated with Judaism or Christianity, so at what point did you decide that it was okay to teach my children about Islam?”

Wyrick went off about CAIR, a Hamas front group operating in the U.S.

You’ve allowed CAIR to come into our public schools and they begin to implement pro-Islam curriculum. What’s next? Teaching them about the 5 pillars or the conversion prayer?

At this point, one of the board members tried to get rid of Wyrick because his ‘1 minute was up’ and the defiant father refused to shut up or back down saying, “Oh dude I’m gonna go, you’re gonna have to drag me outta here.” People started cheering him on for his defiance!

Wyrick also pointed out CAIR’s ties to terrorism and the board members tried to get rid of him again so he says, “Yeah whatever!” and kept going off! He ended his speech by calling the board members hypocrites as he walked out. You can also hear a liberal call him a bigot as he’s exiting the room.

You can watch the EPIC video right here.

In my opinion, this man is a hero for what he had to say, and more people need to say it. We have been silent for too long which has allowed these liberal asshats to gain footing in our children’s education. The only way that this will stop is for all of us to push back and hard. The days of us hoping that this nightmare will end are behind, and it is time for us to make the change.

What do you think about what this father had to say? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]

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