Dallas 7-Eleven Store Looted By Black Lives Matter Thugs Who Taunted Cops After Massacre of Police Officers

Five cops were murdered by a sniper in Dallas, then thugs from Black Lives Matter looted a 7-11 to add insult to injury. Black Lives Matter protesters also taunted police officers and insulted them in relation to the death of the cops.

Police officers died protecting the protesters from snipers, but the first thing that Black Lives Matter do is loot a 7-11. This tells you all you need to know about Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a joke. They look for reasons to steal things instead of getting jobs. They don’t care about the cause. They don’t care about the people’s lives. They don’t care about the business they just ruined. They only care about themselves, and that’s their number one problem.

Incidents like the looting of a 7-11 and the fact that BLM consistently treats criminals like model citizens is why any educated American laughs at Black Lives Matter. They insist in making martyrs out of dirt-bag citizens with a criminal history. Most recently was Alton Sterling, a man with a wrap sheet longer than the list of men the Kardashian family slept with (before or after transgenderism). And don’t forget, one of Alton Sterling’s crimes was failure to register as a sex offender. But for some reason, Black Lives Matter ignores the obvious facts and data. They ignore the part where criminals like Alton Sterling reach for a gun to shoot an officer. They parade around town like Alton Sterling was a saint.

Alton Sterling was a loser who pulled a gun on a homeless guy.

The Black Lives Matter agenda is the epitome of America. They prey on police shootings and only care if it’s a white on black shooting.

All they look at is “was he black” and “was the cop white” and if the answer is yes, then Black Lives Matter throws a temper tantrum like jobless babies in an adult day care.

Five hardworking police officers lost their lives protecting Black Lives Matter citizens from a shooter. When the shooting first started, no one knew where it came from. No one knew who was getting shot. All the Black Lives Matter protesters scattered like the crumbs. The police officers went TO the shooters. The police officers protected the Black Lives Matter protesters, even though the protesters hate the police.

Look at them dance like they just won the lottery. This is embarrassing to our great country.

Black Lives Matter is an embarrassment and I dislike them for trying to ruin a 7-11. 7-11 has always been good to me. They don’t deserve this.


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