Dallas Dad Royally Enraged Group Of Black Train Passengers When He Asked Them To Stop One Thing

One man from Dallas ended up being viciously attacked by a gang of black teenagers after riding the train late Sunday night. Kennan Jones was on his way home from school when he noticed a group of teens board the train. Shortly after the group boarded the train, Jones noticed the group begin to start smoking marijuana. Jones knew that this was against the policy of the train company and calmly asked the teens to put it out. However, instead of the teens putting out the illegal substance they chose a much more violent route that put this good samaritan in the hospital.

It was late Sunday night when Jones was riding the DART’s Green Line a transit system in the Dallas, Texas area. Jones was quietly sitting on the train minding his own business when he noticed a group of teenagers board the late night train. The teens decided to start smoking and Jones was none too pleased with this occurring”All of a sudden, they started smoking. I’m like come on man. We’re on the train. Put that out right now. Wait until you get off the train. It’s not that serious to smoke. You got other people on here who don’t want to smell all that. That’s when it escalated,” explained

Jones explained, “All of a sudden, they started smoking. I’m like come on man. We’re on the train. Put that out right now. Wait until you get off the train. It’s not that serious to smoke. You got other people on here who don’t want to smell all that. That’s when it escalated,”

And, saying that it escalated is a gross understatement. 

Moments after Jones requested them to stop smoking on the train a woman that was with the group of rowdy teens spit on Jones and then one her friends pushed him. And, then things went from bad to worse.

You can watch the terrifying footage here.

According to Breitbart:

The video purports to show the attack by a group of young black men and women on another black man identified as Kennan Jones, 44. The incident allegedly began when Jones asked the teens to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train, CBS-DFW reported.

A DART spokesman told reporters a group of five males and two females began to hit, kick, and spit on Jones following his request. Jones, who the group eventually knocked unconscious, told the local CBS affiliate, “Everything just went from 0 to 100. I’m just very happy to be here… happy to hug my kids.”

The video lasted for two minutes and 30 seconds. During that time, Jones is brutally hit and kicked about various parts of his body, including his head. At one point, one of the youths swung from a pole and appeared to kick Jones in the head.

The doors of the train eventually open and the fight spills onto the train platform. It appears things are about to calm down when Jones gets up, and for some reason, approaches the gang again. “He wants it,” one of the gang members can be heard saying. “He wants it!”

The teens savagely beat Jones after he asked them to stop smoking on the train.

The fight starts up again with even more brutality. The youths get Jones onto the ground and kick and stomp on him repeatedly. At one point, a male can be seen hitting Jones with a skateboard.

Fearing he is about to black out, Jones told reporters he said, “OK, OK. Y’all win.” A woman, who was seen hitting him with her hands earlier, appears to hit him in the head with another skateboard, knocking him unconscious. She then calmly walks back to the train — skateboard in hand.

“God damn!” one man can be heard saying. “He’s knocked out. He’s knocked out. He’s stiff.”

The teens get back onto the train, which eventually departs from the station.

A DART official saw the fight on security cameras and called the police. It took nearly 10 minutes for police to arrive.

A DART spokesperson apologized to Jones for the attack.

One of the women with the group beat Jones in the head before calmly walking off.

“I’m so sorry it happened to him and I apologize for that,” Mark Ball said. “For him to have stood up for DART and our policies and then to be hurt by that is a tragedy.”

“What it did make me see is that we as a human race, we should care about each other more,” Jones concluded.

Police are investigating the video and other security footage. Ball pointed out that two of the men involved are wearing orange uniforms with name tags. He said the uniforms resemble the ones worn by Whataburger employees. Whataburger officials told CBS-DFW they are investigating the matter.

There is no reason whatsoever for them to react this way, but sadly they did, and now Kennan Jones is hurt because of it. Hopefully, there are caught soon so they can face justice for what they did this innocent man.

H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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