Dallas Officer Taken Off Life Support On Day He Was Supposed To Get Married

DALLAS- Officer Hans Campbell proposed to the love of his life Chriselyn Bedolido and made plans to give her the wedding of her dreams at a resort in the Phillippines during the week of his 28th birthday. Before joining the police department, Officer Campbell served with the Texas National Guard.

During his trip he went scuba diving and was hit by a boat. Doctors later declared Campbell clinically dead, but was kept on life support to preserve his organs for donation.

Dallas PD dispatcher Corina Reyna called Officer Campbell, “One of the nicest and most respectful guys I’ve ever met.’”

‘I’m so heartbroken,” she said. “He always joked around with me on the radio, on messages, but most importantly always checked up on me, especially after he found out I was pregnant.”

Reyna added, “Incredible person and incredible officer. He will be greatly missed.”

It is so sad to hear when one of our men in blue suffer such a tragedy and especially one who has spent their lives serving the community. Officer Campbell was taken off of life support, on the day he was to get married. Please help Campbell’s family to bring his body back stateside by clicking HERE

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