BOOM! Dallas Police Dept: “We Used A Robot To Kill One Of The Suspects

Micah Xavier Johnson was killed by a remote control robot after he went on a sniper shooting spree in Dallas. The sniper in the Dallas sniper attacks, didn’t expect to be taken out by a police battle-bot – but that’s exactly what happened! After a long shootout and failed negotiations, the Dallas police had enough. There was already five dead officers and multiple injuries to other cops. There was no room for more injuries or deaths to police officers.

Johnson wasn’t finished shooting. He wanted to kill more white officers.

REUTERS – Dallas Police Chief David Brown says the man believed to have shot and killed five Dallas officers told negotiators he wanted to kill white police officers.

Well that did it. It was time to unleash the beast. An explosive device was placed on the extension of a police robot and detonated near the location of the suspect who is now deceased. The robot did a wonderful job.


Micah Xavier Johnson had plenty of time and chances to turn himself in or negotiate, but time was up. Dallas police utilized a remote controlled robot with an explosive device. The device was used to locate Johnson and explode close enough to eliminate the threat. Johnson was basically exploded and deemed eliminated on the scene.

Remote controlled robots like this are typically used to locate and eliminate explosive devices. They’re also used in the event of a shootout. The robot can safely enter an area and communicate with police to tell the officers where the threat is located. For example, if there’s a shooting between officers and a suspect who is holed up in the building, the robot can enter the building and relay information to officers. The cops use that information to locate the suspect and minimize injuries to their crew.

If the suspect shoots the robot, no one gets injured. It’s safer than sending officers blindly into a building where they don’t know what could be hiding behind a closed door.

A dangerous and murderous threat who said there’s explosives all over town and sniped several police officers is thankfully eliminated.

Police crews swept the area in Dallas and no explosives were found.

Micah Xavier Johnson

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