Black Lives Sniper Shoots 11 Officers – 5 Officers Dead In Dallas! – VIDEO

Dallas police are confirming that at least 11 of their officers have been shot by at least two Black Lives Matter snipers.

Five officers have succumbed to their wounds. At least 3 others are in critical condition.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said in a press conference that there may have been more snipers. Unconfirmed reports have as many as four shooters.

four shooters

Police were seen helping their fallen colleagues, and trying to locate the snipers.
Officers Down dallas 3

Officers guns dallas

cops running

Dallas Police are saying that one of the snipers may have planted bombs in the downtown area.

The attacks came during BLM protests in downtown Dallas.

The moment the shooting began can be seen in this video. Protesters begin running to avoid being shot.

The protests erupted after two black men, Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling were shot and killed by police this week. Castile had actually posted a picture of Black Panthers with guns to Facebook with the message “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!” in a threat to police. Castile made the post at a time when a New Black Panther Party leader had called for “white babies” to be killed.

Initially it was reported that only two officers had been shot. That number has steadily increased as the night has gone on.

Fox News is reporting that 4 of the officers killed were Dallas police, and one a Dallas transit officer.

Intense video of one of the gun battles between the snipers and Dallas police.

Horrifying video captured the moment one of the gunmen cornered what appears to be an officer. As the officer tried to escape, he was gunned down.

Eyewitness videos from the scene:

A semi-automatic weapon is heard.

A crowd runs as shooting erupts & an officer is hit.

Crowds are seen running as the shooting begins.

A Fox News reporter captured video.

Fox News announced at 9:56 PST that two of the shooters are in custody. Police are searching for others.

Make no doubt about it, we are at war, people. Black Lives Matter is a domestic terror organization that only exists to kill Americans.


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By Jeff Rainforth
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