DALLAS SLAUGHTER – Obama Cries, Makes a Statement, Blames NRA & Republicans

Our anti-cop President decided it was time to finally make an announcement on the recent shootings of police officers in Dallas. In his statement he refused to admit we have facts about the case. Which isn’t surprising since he said the same thing about the Orlando shooting and it’s been over a month.

He chose to iterate some repeated talking points that are clearly contrived.

“We are praying for their recovery. 


“We stand united with the police department in Dallas…”

But as many have pointed out, the President, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch have blood on their hands by igniting race relations. After Ferguson officers are reluctant to enforce the law because they know the administration will eventually send in investigators who will blame the police department for which they will receive more bad press.

Which is largely why less law is being enforced in places like Baltimore where crime is at an all time high.

Obama went on,

There is no justification for these kinds of attacks [pause] … [afterthought]or any attacks against law enforcement.”

Although his comments fall on deaf ears considering his eulogies for African American men and women who were killed by police. Where was your support for law enforcement then? It’s nice to know your legacy is more important than doing what’s right.

The President said the FBI has been involved. Then again that won’t do much considering how they decided to not move forward in their criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton who was clearly guilty. An FBI investigation doesn’t carry the same weight it used to.

He said he will give more information in the future. Eventually he will blame the NRA and Republicans and bring the tired old gun control argument out again for the umpteenth time. He couldn’t help but point out the, “racial disparities in our criminal justice system.”

Trying once again to make excuses for these criminals.

Obama can’t help but blame everyone else but himself.



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