DAMNING New Details Just Emerged 24-Hrs After Ambassador’s Sudden Death That Liberals Are Desperately Hiding

DAMNING New Details Just Emerged 24-Hrs After Ambassador's Sudden Death, Liberals Are Desperately Hiding

As news of yet another foreign diplomat’s sudden death broke yesterday, there were striking similarities to a previous ambassador who died under mysterious circumstances while on business here in America. For the last 24 hours, only assumptions have swirled while the world waited on the autopsy results of this seemingly healthy 64-year-old. Now new details of that tragic day have emerged and Democrats are frantic to hide what’s come out by putting his blood on the wrong person’s hands.

Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, passed away unexpectedly while in New York yesterday, after complaining about filling ill Monday morning. He was transported to a local hospital where he died shortly after arrival. While it was unknown at the time, many speculated that he had suffered a heart attack but only an autopsy would reveal the truth. In the hours since his death, liberals have becoming strangely desperate to cover up what happened.

Shortly after news of the shocking passing of this respected Russian who died on the day before his 65th birthday, the Russian Foreign Ministry was strangely silent on details in their announcement. “A U.S. government official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the case, said that Churkin had died of an apparent heart attack,” Reuters initially reported. “A federal law enforcement official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said that there appeared to be nothing unusual about the ambassador’s death,” the report added.

Despite there being no information released, Democrats on social media immediately put Churkin’s blood on President Trump’s hands. “Social media sleuths who, devoid of evidence, have tried and convicted President Trump of ordering his assassination to hide his campaigns supposed ties to Russia,” Biz Pac Review reported. Ironically, these same people who were saying that they “don’t believe in coincidences” when it came to their claim Trump ordered the ambassador’s assassination, were probably the first to condemn anyone who questioned if the Clintons might have anything to do with it, when that thought began to spread..

Far more people have suddenly and mysteriously passed with connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have a lot more to hide than President Trump. It’s interesting how liberals are the first to discredit conservatives for making what they feel are assumptive claims, but will stretch far and hard to do the same when they see an opportunity when the reality is that this man likely died of a sudden heart attack which isn’t uncommon. However, the gross extent they went to pin this on our president actually makes it seems that they are trying to cover something up with exaggerations.

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