When a father in Delhi, India, discovered that a man allegedly raped his 14-year-old daughter, he set in motion a grisly plot to get revenge against the suspect. Now, he’s facing a murder charge.

The father, 36, then reportedly overpowered the suspect and tied him to a chair. The revenge-seeking dad then apparently tortured his daughter’s alleged rapist by burning the man’s genitals with heated tongs.The first step of the plan was inviting the man, 45, to dinner on Friday night.

After torturing him, the dad strangled the man to death.

The man’s teen daughter reportedly told him that the suspect had visited the home and raped her when he realized she was alone. The alleged rapist reportedly threatened to harm the teen if she told anyone. The dad said he started planning his revenge as soon as he found out about the alleged rape.

The man’s relationship to the family was not clear.

The father ultimately turned himself in and confessed to killing and torturing the man, according to the Indian Express.

He reportedly told officers that he didn’t call police to report the rape because he was afraid family and friends would blame his daughter for the crime and it could give her a “bad name.”

Courtesy of The Blaze

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