Deadly Epidemic Sweeps The ISIS Ranks: ‘Biblical Plague Will KILL THOUSANDS’

Obama and his so-called JV team…are very much alike. They both are not what they appear to be at first glance. ISIS is no JV team…and Obama is no President, at least not one worthy of leading America.

There is truth in ISIS maybe being a JV team status when Obama first became President, but under his watch and leadership they have grown, flourished and became a full scale global terror group.

This is a great way to measure the success of Obama’s time as President. Or rather, lack thereof.

However, some new information has popped up that is suggesting that ISIS and their ranks are about to be thinned out, and it’s being compared to the magnitude of a “biblical plague”

The words “divine reckoning” have been mentioned in regards to what is sweeping through their ranks and taking down their soldiers.

What ISIS is facing isn’t a horde of locusts, but something much more lethal and able to do some serious damage to their numbers. This “outbreak” is being said to be so deadly that special facilities and medical buildings have had to open up to help with the tracking of this epidemic.

There are many that are saying that this is payback, a more divine place.

One of ISIS’ newest threats is AIDS. It has been spreading among their ranks of these wicked savage killers and plucking them out from the living world by the thousands. The number of ISIS militants infected now with AIDS is increasing steadily, with deadly outcomes.

There are many who say that it is due to their sex slavery practices including the horrifying mass numbers of brutal rape they commit.

Truth be told though, you can’t be as cold-blooded and wicked as they are, without the hand of God swiping you with a reckoning. We’re talking a massive amount of people creating heinous acts against mankind…God’s innocent children.

There is going to be a price to pay.

In the reporter’s report they were able to set up communications with an ISIS fighter named Abu Qatada. Qatada corroborated the claim that AIDS was a serious concern to the Islamic State and that they have actually designated special doctors within their camps to help monitor and treat the AIDS issue.

Furthermore, there are reports that a man from Indonesia knew that he was infected with AIDS and intentionally donated blood to an Islamic State-run hospital. Shortly after ISIS discovered that the man was intentionally harming ISIS militants he was executed.

Are you surprised really that there is this type of epidemic sweeping through the ranks of ISIS? After all they have done, the leader of the free world sits in his privileged lifestyle and does nothing. He is the President of the United States, therefore the leader of the promised land, if you want to talk biblical.

If he isn’t doing anything to help stop the terror…who will? The only one who can.

Their Allah has nothing on God…judgement day may or may not be here for them now, but here’s what we know.

They cannot be allowed to terrorize this world anymore.

It’s time for them to go.

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