This Is How You Deal With Black Lives Matter Thugs (VIDEO)


Lol! Black Lives Matter thugs just got SLAPPED down, by one of their own! So damn funny. The BLM thugs sure are vulgar & hateful, though. They’re the REAL racists here. America would be better off if we just sent them back to Africa.


Outspoken conservative Milo Yiannopoulos brought his “Most Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour to American University in Washington D.C. on Thursday. The young leftists ripped up his signs before he got there. And hundreds of protesters gathered outside his speech screaming, “Get him out!” Milo told the crowd he would donate $20 to Trump for every interruption. His supporters loved it.

A Black Lives Matter protester cut into line to try to ask a question tonight during Milo’s speech and question and answer session at American University. The BLM protester tried to seize the microphone after Milo answered his last question for the night. Then the Black Lives Matter goons started screaming

“Fucking Racist” and “white privilege” because Milo would not give in to their childish antics. Chaos ensued. The young leftists protested Milo’s presence on campus. They don’t like his outspoken conservative beliefs.

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