DEAR BILL & HILLARY: Why Isn’t ‘The CLINTON Foundation in Louisiana?’

Some charity the Clinton “Foundation” is. They must think that the term “Foundation” means something else for them, as the organization appears to be nothing more than a personal slush fund for the Clintons.

Go through their financials and you’ll find that in most years, only 10% of the money they raise from donations actually goes towards charitable grants. For reputable charities (like the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders), that figure tops 90%.

In response to the Louisiana flooding, Hillary hasn’t offered more help than a mere Tweet. Donald Trump even beat the President towards speaking there, who couldn’t be bothered to leave his 16 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard – but at least he spoke. Hillary? Silence.

Perhaps she’s forgotten, but her Foundation is quite capable of donating a few of the hundreds of millions of dollars they bring in annually to those in need in Louisiana

Via Clash Daily

Does the ‘Clinton Foundation’ take weekends off, too? In the case of the Louisiana flood, they’re missing just like Hillary’s emails.

Rush Limbaugh inquired today:

Why is the Clinton Foundation not helping out in Louisiana? I just saw here that the crown prince of Bahrain, which is one of these little Middle Eastern oil states, $32 million. The crown prince of Bahrain, $32 million to the Clinton Family Foundation.

Why? What in the name of Sam Hill is a potentate from Bahrain gonna get for $32 million? Well, it’s gonna be something, and it isn’t gonna be charitable works in Haiti, and it’s not gonna be charitable works at flood-ravaged Louisiana, is it? $32 million. And then Mrs. Clinton, did you see what she said? She said (imitating Clinton), “Well, after I’m elected, we’re gonna start eliminating a lot of these donors and these donations, ’cause it wouldn’t look right.” Well, she didn’t say it wouldn’t look right, that was sort of implied. But not until she’s elected.

As election day approaches, there is a dark cloud (and an FBI probe) hovering over the Clinton Foundation. We know that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton threw her weight around to accommodate donors to the foundation in what many have described as a “pay for play” scheme. The reason she doesn’t want to use that money to help victims in Louisiana is because it’s for politics, not people.

Here would be a chance to show the world that decency knows no political affiliation – so hopefully Trump steps up to the plate and writes a check in her absense.

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