DEATH CULT FROM HELL: Three Muslim Pigs Beat 10-Yr-Old White Kid (VIDEO)


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WEST Yorkshire Police say they are investigating an online video in which a ten-year-old boy is chased and beaten by two youths.

The video is said to have been uploaded to Facebook on a profile listing its user address as Bradford, although the original has now been deleted.

It has since been re-posted by the English Defence League, with the page viewed more than 100,000 times.

In the video, the boy is kicked and punched by two attackers before trying to escape in a nearby garden.

One of the youths then kicks and punches him repeatedly as he is lying on the ground.

A statement on West Yorkshire Police’s Contact Centre Twitter account posted this afternoon read: “We are aware of the video posted on Facebook regarding the attack on a 10-year-old child. Police are investigating.”

West Yorkshire Police later added a further update via its Facebook page, which read: “Police would like to ask the public to refrain from posting a video of an alleged attack on a youth, which is believed to have occurred in Bradford.


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Racist attack – Muslim youth attacks White child – Bradford

This attack happened this morning in the Bradford area. Screenshots on the Facebook profile it was taken from said that the youth carrying out the attack did it because the young boy called him a name and ran off.

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