Decades Later: We Finally "Welcome Home" Our Veterans

(Mad World News) Veterans are finally receiving a “welcome home” that was decades in the making.

Approximately 2500 veterans and their families turned out for a very special homecoming that was long over-due.

“Today is beautiful. I love it,” said one Vietnam vet, Hal Lymus. “Today is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.” (KOMO)

The veterans not being thanked for their service goes back between 40 and 50 years ago to the 1960’s and 1970’s when they were drafted and volunteered for what was the Vietnam War. When they came home, anti-war protesters were police escorted and lined the streets. They were treated with threats of violence, called baby killers, and spit on.

And when the service members returned home, Lymus said, “I got spit on at the airport when I came home in Baltimore. That’s how I got welcomed home.”

Vietnam vet Anthony Violino adds, “And some character spit on me in San Francisco Airport.”

Vietnam veteran Richard Watt says, “They were having a gay pride parade and people were spitting on me. I was still in combat uniform, and so I really appreciate this today.” (KOMO)

Thursday’s ceremony was put on by our current military as the proper reception they should have received all those years ago.

“This feels great,” said Vietnam vet Bill Schwindt. “I don’t know whose idea this was, but it was a good one.”

It was the idea of I Corps commanding general Stephen Lanza.

Says Lanza, “And these two words have not been said enough and they need to be said today to our Vietnam veterans. And that is ‘welcome home.’” (KOMO)

Many US Soldiers fought and bleed in Vietnam. It’s homecoming for those that bravely put their lives on the line and were treated like garbage. A good majority of our homeless veterans and those that lose the mental battle with suicide are veterans that came home to a country that hated and mocked them.

They never deserved to be treated like garbage. They deserved the honor they received this day.

To my brothers from the Vietnam War, thank you. Your words are encouraging to me. Let me be one of the ones to repeat the words of General Stephen Lanza. Welcome Home.

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