(Mad World News) A video is going viral showing exactly what is wrong with today’s generation. Although it’s unclear as to exactly what prompted the physical altercation, two pregnant women were recently recorded entering into a brutal street fight.

The video purports to show the two pregnant women being egged on by a crowd of other women. Seen delivering blow after vicious blow, it isn’t until the women latch on to one another’s hair that the crowd steps in to break up the fight.

This is the exact kind of behavior that has America in the tail spin that it’s in – complete selfishness. If either of these woman weren’t entirely consumed by their anger, one would think it is common sense to avoid a fight at all costs, given that they’re risking not only the health of themselves.

Seeing how two other innocent lives were dragged into the heated exchange, this is unbelievable and outrageous. Let us know what you think of these phenomenal mothers-to-be in the comments below.

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