Del Taco Manager Drops 13 ‘F-bombs’ At Drive-Thru Customers. But He Wasn’t One To Get The Last Laugh…

Most people have had the experience of going through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and having to come back through the line because they forgot your sauce or dip.

One couple in Peoria, Arizona, found themselves in that situation over the week, but the manager on duty provided some of the worst customer service ever. The couple started recording the exchange when the manager flipped them off.

When the customers told the manager he shouldn’t act so poorly in a leadership position, he replied:

“I don’t give a f***. Alright, where you going to post it YouTube? Nobody is going to fu***** see it. Where you going to send it to?”

Then, the woman in the passenger’s seat tells him they will send it to his boss. And he responds:

I am the boss. My dad is actually the fu***** owner, so good luck with that. I’ve done this a billion times. You guys give me sh** all the fu**** time.”

When the woman in the passenger’s seat explains it’s her first time at that Del Taco, the manager clarifies what he meant by “you guys”:


“I’m talking about you specifically. I’m talking about you as a customer. So how long you want to do this? Like five minutes, an hour, I can do this all fu***** day.”

“But in reality, it’s the same fu***** outcome. Why? Because you got your sauces, you guys are still being bi***** and I’m fu***** pissed off because I still got orders.”

He doesn’t even care that the couple ordered more food. He just keeps dropping the f-bomb.

Eventually, the couple chooses to drive away. As they leave the Del Taco, the manager calls them fu***** dumb*****.”

However, if the manager thought he got the last laugh, he didn’t.

ABC 15 reported that:

A manager at an Arizona Del Taco has been fired after video of a hostile interaction with a customer went viral when it was posted online earlier this week.

The video has been shared several times on ABC15’s Facebook page and Del Taco’s Facebook page.

In response, Del Taco said they were “appalled” by the employee’s behavior and that they strive to provide a “positive guest experience at all their restaurants.”

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