DELIGHTFUL Young Lady Puts “F**k The Police” Sign In Her Yard

Her name is Vanetta Skinner and she’s a total buttnugget. In fact, such a buttnugget that she created a 5-foot-tall handmade sign to post up in her front yard that reads:



This lovely woman also has printed on the back, “Black Power” and “Black Men are Kings and not Ni**ers or Thugs.”

Yes, I know. The stupid is strong with this one. She’s never getting neighbor of the year…for this I’m certain.

The woman lives in Houston’s Sunnyside community, which ranks at the second most dangerous neighborhood in the the ENTIRE United States. In fact, the chances of becoming victim to some type of crime in this community is 1 in 11.

This explains a lot now doesn’t it.

Her hateful sign stands in her yard, and she is loud and proud and VERY unapologetic for it. No surprise there.

Needless to say her sign as gotten quite a bit of attention, and she’s even been interviewed about it. One such interview posed the question “what makes her so bold as to put out such a sign?”

Be you can’t wait for her answer…prepare yourself:

“Because I am unapologetic and black. And, I’m not going anywhere, we’re not going anywhere.”

“Until y’all want to decide that y’all want to stop killing us, we’re not gonna be quiet.”

Her sign made it’s appearance following the recent incidents where two black men were killed by the police in Louisiana and Minnesota. Which then fueled the tragic deaths of 5 police officers who were slaughtered by a black man who was very clear about his hate for white people and police officers.

Then just last week another black man was killed by Police in Houston, not too far from Vanetta’s home. Of course, the man was seen standing in the middle of the road waving a gun in the air and being stupid enough to point it at officers.

BUT REMEMBER… Vanetta says, black guys aren’t thugs, and police are to blame when criminals do stupid things to get themselves shot.

She was asked if she actually thought that the sign would mend things between blacks and police officers. Her response?

“I’m bold enough to say it and mean it. I’m willing to deal with whatever consequences that comes my way.”

Interestingly enough it was a black police officer that had told reporters about the sign and that he was offended. To which Vanetta did mumble an apology for, followed with “This is how I feel”

Honestly, I don’t think she knows the difference between what she actually feels, and what she’s been bred to feel. That’s seems to be a real problem now days. She is no exception.

Also…you should know, her own Brother is a cop.

This is why things are not going to get better. It’s people like this woman, who are part of the problem. There is no remedy created if you are fighting hate with hate. It’s been that way since the beginning of time, it’s that way now, and it will always be that way.

Obama’s America has become absolutely exhausting. I swear everyone’s new favorite passtime is waiting around and looking for something to be offended about so they can make noise about it.

Good grief.

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