DELTA Banned This Trump Supporter For LIFE, For Celebrating Victory on Flight… BOYCOTT!

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian addressed a loud and raucous customer that was aboard the flight over the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The man was on a Delta airlines flight when he referred to, “Hillary b*tches.” He exclaimed his support for Donald Trump, the President Elect. It was on a flight that took place November 21st from Atlanta to Allentown.

The CEO declared that the man is banned for life from being on any Delta airlines. He said,

“This individual displayed behavior that was loud, rude and disrespectful to his fellow customers.”

The man ranted on the plan and a person took a video of it that wen viral. He screamed,

He’s your president, every god-d*mn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad!”

Passengers of the flight reported to the media that flight attendants on the flight escorted him away. He was gone for a short period of time before returning to his seat. Numerous customers and people online complained about the airlines actions.

Delta later released a statement of apology for the entire ordeal stating,

We are sorry this disruption occurred. Our crews work hard to ensure flying is comfortable for all of our customers. We are currently investigating the incident. We’ve followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer shouldn’t have been allowed to continue on the flight.

Our responsibility for making sure all customers feel safe and comfortable with Delta includes requiring civil behavior from everyone.The behavior we see in this video doesn’t square with our training or culture, and follow-up will continue so we can better ensure employees know they will be fully supported to make the right decisions when these issues arise.”

A plethora of passengers felt that Bastian’s statement on behalf of Delta airlines did not adequately address the severity of the situation and that the flight attendants should have taken more action. Furthermore, they felt that the flight attendants actions did nothing to put the remaining passengers at ease about the flight they were about to take.

After CEO Bastian found out how upset people were with the action that the flight attendants did or did not take, depending on how you look at it, he released a statement saying the following,

“After questioning the customer, our team members made the best decision they could given the information they had and allowed him to remain on the flight. However, if our colleagues had witnessed firsthand what was shown in the video, there is no question they would have removed him from the aircraft.”

The man who had his outburst was not identified. The CEO also reimbursed all of the customers for the cost of their flight. They maintained that they want to keep their airlines a place where people feel safe and at ease.

While many can agree that liberals need to accept the results of the election this man took it way to far. It is not ok for liberals to be rioting and protesting in the streets because the nominee they wanted to be President did not get elected. Just like it is not ok for a deranged psychopath to disrupt a flight to scream how much they love Trump.

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