Dem Hunger-Striking Until Trump Caves To Her SICK Demand – Doesn’t End As Well As The Starving Idiot Thought

What do you call a democrat having a hunger strike? You don’t. You don’t call them anything. You don’t do anything but laugh and eat a T-Bone steak while they’re giving their best impersonation of the fly-covered child from Somalia.

She may not be covered in flies, but a Texas State Representative is holding her own hunger strike to protest the bill that would THANKFULLY ban sanctuary cities in Texas. Her name is Victoria Neave and this democrat seriously thinks someone cares. They don’t. I don’t. No one cares. She could starve there until she looked like Kate Moss’s rib cage and we still wouldn’t care. If someone wants to harm their body because they don’t agree with the President, because they want to protect illegal alien criminals, then let them. Let her starve and when she’s thin enough, we can bury her in the lines of the concrete and no one will miss her.

Or, she can grow up and act like an adult. She can realize that sanctuary cities host criminals and have way too much crime, many of that crime is often violence targeted towards innocent victims. If illegal immigrants biggest crime was driving without a license, then I wouldn’t care. But when children are raped or harvested for human trafficking, or murders and other violent crimes attack our American citizens, then isn’t that a good enough reason to eliminate sanctuary cities?

A Texas State Rep is protesting a bill that would ultimately outlaw sanctuary cities in Texas, and she’s chosen an interesting way to do it. She plans to have a hunger strike, as noted by The Right Scoop. They said she is having “A ‘spiritual fast.’ Democratic Representative Victoria Neave took her final communion wafer Sunday, and will not eat again until Wednesday. The reason for her hunger strike? ‘I want people to know how terrible this law is.’”

Wednesday? Wednesday in 2018? Or today? If today, or next week, then what an attention seeking chicken too scared to do a real hunger strike. Typical democrat. Can’t even do a hunger strike right. I want her to starve for at least a month before we think she’s serious.

The bill will charge police with a class A misdemeanor if they do not comply with federal immigration authorities. Dallas News reports that the bill “would ban cities, counties, and universities from adopting ‘sanctuary’ policies that prevent local law enforcement agencies from asking about a person’s immigration status or enforcing immigration law.”

This is wonderful news. Good, better, best right there all in one paragraph. No more harboring the criminals. America has enough of its own losers and we don’t need to be breeding grounds for the rest of the world’s problems.

Supporters of the bill say it’s necessary to not only combat illegal immigration, but also to guarantee that violent offenders are deported. It’s also required to make sure that our streets are made safer for citizens, and to prevent criminals from being released in a sort of “catch and release” policy that has been in place since the Obama Administration.

Hasn’t anyone else stopped to understand the concept of “violent offenders?” Why do these democrats want all these violent offenders in their neighborhood? Seriously, folks – what’s wrong with the liberals? Anyone with common sense would want violent people removed from their city. Doesn’t everyone want a safe neighborhood for their kids to play in? If America can remove at least some of the violent offenders, then doesn’t that make us better off? I believe it does. Makes too much sense for a democrat to adhere to it.

Representative Neave believes the effects of the bill are “chilling,” saying that it would make immigrants far more fearful of reporting crimes committed against them, or cause them to not want to testify in court. And in some respects, that’s true. But what is also true is the extreme cost to the American taxpayer that illegal immigration necessitates.

I call shenanigans on this. People can make anonymous reports. They can leave notes. They can call from a burner phone. They can find a way to report crimes without being deported. Here’s a better idea – make it a law that the person reporting the crime cannot be investigated if their call results in an arrest of a criminal. That way the person calling no longer fears being deported if they, themselves, are an illegal immigrant. If an illegal immigrant reports a violent crime, then take the violent offender and call it a day.

The fact that someone is hunger striking to protect violent offenders just shows you how poorly wired the liberal brain has become.

What impact do illegal immigrants have on the state of Texas? For starters, they’re very expensive to host. They cost the state billions and these folks may not even be paying into the tax system. That means there’s a potential loss of funds used to pay for people who possibly don’t contribute anything back to the system. Sure, they provide cheap labor and often wonderful landscaping, but I don’t think they provide $7.87 billion in lawn jobs.

NEE’s research indicates that despite education costs exceeding $7.87 billion, Migration Policy numbers show that 60% of immigrants have not completed high school, or even obtained a GED. And that, astoundingly, 57% do not speak English at all, or only do so very poorly.

Where are those $7.87 billion going, precisely? Of that $7.87 billion, ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring costs Texans $1.1 billion, annually. And it is clearly not working! The remaining $6.77 billion is eaten up in overcrowded and low-quality classrooms, where students of illegal immigrants make 11.1% of the total student population.

Can you imagine what an 11.1% decrease in class-size and costs can do to a public school? Can you imagine what an 11.1% budget savings can do for Texas schools?

If a public school removes 11% of the people from the classroom, then the students who are real Americans get more attention from their teacher, leading to higher performance by those students. Everyone knows small class size leads to success. I don’t mind people learning English as a second language because that shows they are integrating to our America, which is what everyone wants anyway. Everyone always says, if you move somewhere else, then acclimate to the culture and learn the language. We can’t complain about that, but we certainly can complain about the amount of money wasted saving criminals in sanctuary cities. That has to stop and no one should be on a hunger strike to support violent criminals. That’s something an idiot would do in a Lifetime movie.

I hope someone parks a food truck with delicious street foods right next to anyone who hunger strikes for criminals.

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